The dragonborn are much like the Wildlings, in that they are very difficult to speak of in broad strokes. This is true largely because of the fact that each one is the result of the pairing of a dragon and a human- what some might refer to as half-dragons.

There is a tremendous difference in the perspective, lifespan, and concerns of humans and dragons, so for two such creatures to know of each other’s nature and fall in love is very unusual. While it has happened, it is far more common in the stories of bards than in fact. Most of these stories involve a dragon and a human allying against a great evil and finding mutual respect forged on a battlefield before love blooms, and with the evil defeated, children borne. More commonly, the nature of one (typically the dragon) remains a secret to the other; sometimes this deception is discarded after love has blossomed, other times it remains a secret only discovered with the disappearance of the lover and the birth of children.

In other cases this is far less pleasant; more than one dragon has taken a perverse pleasure in using humans as sexual playthings, either having kidnapped them or by orchestrating complex plots and shifting identities. In at least one case a dragon cultivated a rivalry with a human at the same time as taking up an identity where they became lovers, even going so far as to fake her own death at his hands before revealing the charade. Some stories tell of isolated pocket kingdoms where a dragon establishes a ruling caste of dragonborn, all offspring of the dragon’s dalliances, intermarrying and breeding to continue ‘royal bloodlines,’ only to find those same bloodlines usurped when the dragon’s favor falls upon some new human. Some dragons find dragonborn to be useful and easily controllable vassals.

Regardless, while a dragonborn will find their draconic heritage inescapable, the nature of their persona is not determined by the color of their scales as much as their surroundings. With an appearance that is almost entirely inhuman, and a lifespan that is nowhere near draconic, they can face rejection and bigotry among the former and callous disregard among the latter. Often it is only other dragonborn that can provide anything akin to true understanding and sympathy, leading them to form small communities of their own. Some do bind themselves tightly to one parent or the other, holding on to whatever they have from birth.

As said it is difficult to say anything about all dragonborn, because of their vast differences and unique circumstances. But the above should provide some ideas as to the ways in which they fill the world.


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